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Case Studies

The Power of Personalisation

How a bespoke, highly individualised lifestyle service can help retain clients

Trends in the luxury market

Like seismic waves after an earthquake, the reverberations of the pandemic have been felt long after its main event, leaving cracks in the economy and how we live in its wake. We investigate the lifestyle trends that have emerged among affluent and wealthy spenders in the aftermath.

CRM and the rules of engagement

How a powerful, proven CRM strategy will influence customer behavior.

How the high-net-worth and mass-affluent will travel in 2022 and beyond

Capitalize on luxury travel trends to increase customer lifetime value.

Lifestyle Service Open APIs Fuel Customer Experience and Value

Leading banks and financial services firms offer travel and lifestyle concierge services as part of their customer experience (CX) strategy. Open APIs allow these companies to surface the most relevant lifestyle services to their customers within their digital platforms and apps, growing acquisition, retention, engagement and card spend.

Interest rates are changing and so are customer strategies in financial services…

Private and retail banks should be working on their customer strategy when interest rates rise. Here are proven ways to invest in customer retention and acquisition.

The Value of Lifestyle Services

“We’re able to leverage the many choices available to open up conversations with clients… so we learn more and build deeper relationships.” – Senior Relationship Manager, a global private bank

How to drive your bank’s Net Promoter Score performance

Customer NPS for our banking clients increases as concierge use increases.

Use Content To Attract And Retain High And Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

Content is a key tool used to attract, engage, convert and retain high and ultra-high net worth individuals. So, how do you create content for this discerning demographic and what kind of impact can you expect? Download this white paper to uncover the content-marketing practices that can transform your HNWI/UHNWI business.

What Can Loyalty Points Buy?

Driving engagement and spend, loyalty programs are key to customer retention. Yet with an estimated 50% of points never redeemed, there’s a risk of disengagement and financial liability. Here’s how you can encourage point spend and enhance lifetime loyalty.

Why Bank CEOs Are Using Lifestyle Services To Drive CX Transformation

Investing in CX transformation allows profitable customers to be leveraged in ways that create differentiation, and grows the scale and profitability of that segment.

Three Key Questions To Ask When Selecting a Concierge, Lifestyle And CX Provider

Valuable concierge, lifestyle, and CX services grow the acquisition, retention and value of customers by helping them enjoy the life they want.

The Lions, The Tortoise and The Rabbit

Which ones are your customers? Discover how lifestyle services can be a powerful customer experience (CX) solution by helping your customers enjoy the life they want – and grow your customer retention, acquisition and lifetime value.

The Great Wealth Transfer: How Lifestyle Services Can Engage the NextGen and Retain AuM

“Banks have been scrabbling with NextGen programs for the last decade… the concierge point is a powerful one” – A Senior Private Banker, A Global Private Bank

Concierge Innovations and Trends: 2020 and Beyond

“A brilliant idea for these times.” – A UK private banking member

As the world changes, we will continue to adapt and meet the needs of our customers and commercial objectives. It’s what we do best.

How COVID-19 changed the needs and behavior of the affluent

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