The Lions, The Tortoise and The Rabbit

Which ones are your customers? Discover how lifestyle services can be a powerful customer experience (CX) solution by helping your customers enjoy the life they want – and grow your customer retention, acquisition and lifetime value.
Gain insight into the post-pandemic behaviours of customers to elevate your CX strategy

In 2021, providing customers with valued lifestyle services will offer a CX strategy for long-lasting relationships. Our members are a resource that allows us to predict the behavior and trends of the affluent and wealthy, and we’ve already begun to understand their post-pandemic intentions and attitudes.

What we’ve discovered is a spectrum of behaviors, which we’ve split into four personas – from the roaring Lion, ready to splurge, to the conservative Tortoise, happy to remain close to home.

Read our paper “The Lions, The Tortoise and The Rabbit” to discover how you can grow customer retention, advocacy, and drive new customer acquisition as we emerge from the pandemic. For financial services brands, our corporate clients typically also see an increase in customer card spend and/ or assets under management (AuM).


Who is the case study for?

Brands, private bankers, and wealth managers with a valued customer base – typically with a focus on mass affluent, high-net-worth wealth propositions. These insights will be of particular interest to those developing or reviewing their CX strategies, or to those undergoing procurement of lifestyle services (or concierge).

The paper will also provide valuable insights for premium and luxury suppliers in the hospitality industry looking to understand the potential customer preferences and behaviors as the world emerges from COVID-19.

What questions does it answer?
  • How have consumer behaviors changed during Covid-19?
  • What will the mass affluent and high-net-worth customers want to do and how will they behave following the pandemic?
  • What are the leading brands prioritizing to plan for a strong recovery? 
  • How lifestyle services are used as a differentiator in CX strategies?


Example sources from the paper
  1. “Goodbye virus-ridden 2020, hello Roaring Twenties” – Financial Times
  2. “Three big ideas that will change hospitality in 2021” – PhocusWire


To find out more about elevating your CX strategy, read about how lifestyle services can engage the NextGen and retain Assets under Management.


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