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How Ten Continues to Help Engage High-Value Customers in 2021

Our innovation has helped the corporates we support to achieve higher engagement and extraordinary service for their customers, which lead to measurable improvements in their targets.
Engage high-value customers

2020 has been a year unlike any other, but we’re delighted to have been able to continue to offer our members exclusive access, tailored services, and benefits in line with the times. We have helped more individual high-value customers since February 2020 than in any nine month period since we first established in 1998.

That may surprise people who think that Ten’s concierge services are limited to fine dining, live entertainment and travel. Leading brands we work with know that we have developed – and continue to develop – new aspects of our service, including virtual events, staycations and premium content.

Ten Digital Platform on the screen, the way it would look for high-value customers

Throughout 2020 our innovation has helped the corporates we support to achieve higher engagement, extraordinary service levels, and gratitude and appreciation from their high-value customers, leading to measurable improvements in their targets.

These include:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Retention
  • Service and value metrics, e.g. card spend, NPS

Our research shows that concierge users are 3 times more likely to be retained as customers, more likely to be advocates (driving acquisition) and, for financial clients, concierge users have a 6% higher average card spend.

Download our Concierge innovations and trends: 2020 and beyond paper and explore how Ten’s services could help you to acquire new, engage and retain your high-value customers.

Highlights of our service innovations during 2020 that continue to stay highly relevant in 2021

A year in Dining

In March 2020, our focus shifted to how we could assist members at home. We supported with organising tailored food and grocery deliveries during the lockdown and hosted virtual cooking and cocktail making masterclasses with top chefs.

We launched DINE, our e-zine published every two months packed with expert interviews, in-depth trend analysis, and Michelin-starred recipes, complementing a huge range of inspirational guides. Click here for more information and to download DINE.

Dine Mauro Colagreco Jason Atherton Nobu Matsuhisa Heston Blumenthal

Travel turned upside down

Following the grounding of airlines and the global closure of hotels, we immediately introduced new phases of communication and inspiration to adjust to the fast-changing travel landscape. And, throughout all the challenges, our members’ wanderlust didn’t abate.

In fact, many members still wanted to travel and many more requested travel content to inspire trips in 2021. Our travel e-zine EXPLORE delighted the audience with inspirational content from around the world. Now, as particular luxury train and cruise operators have so many re-bookings for 2021, space in some of the most popular areas will be limited. Luckily, we can help our members with that.

Offers and benefits: readjusting to members’ needs

As with all areas of the business, adaptation became key for our Offers and Benefits team this year. In 2020 alone, our offers expanded from 250 to 450, with sought-after brands like Apple, Dyson, KitchenAid, Bloomingdale’s, Diptyque, Moët Hennessy and Range Rover providing members with some of the highest levels of discounts. Naturally, the demand for travel and VIP in-store shopping experiences was replaced by savings, discounts and close-to-home pursuits. We successfully pivoted to fulfill this demand.

4 masks from The Huntsman in different fabrics

Entertainment: the show must go on

The relationships and access we’ve built up over 20 years in the global fields of music, theatre and sporting events are the envy of the industry. As a result, the first two months of the year were record-breaking: we bagged face-value seats and hospitality tickets for key events including the Olympics, Euro2020, Wimbledon, Glastonbury and Coachella. Members were able to get preferential rates on tickets to major hits on Broadway and the West End, too.

We continue to expand our ticketing partnerships worldwide to ensure members are at the front of the queue for many of the high demand entertainment events on the calendar.

As the pandemic continued, we’ve pivoted to bring virtual events to our members’ homes. These included masterclasses with world-renowned chefs and webinars with experts in beauty, sports and mindset.

We’ve received an enthusiastic response from members since launching The Book Club – a monthly series in the UK and now rolling out globally too, delivering intimate, interactive author discussions. Our selection of award-winning, diverse writers give members the opportunity to discover the inspiration, themes and process behind their favourite novels.

An iMac with the Ten digital platform, advertising The Book Club and Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Looking ahead

We are continuing to meet our members’ needs and deliver on clients’ commercial objectives as we enter 2021. 

We know it’s going to be a challenging start to 2021 for many, but our specialists are here to help our members make the most of it. 

From inspirational e-zines and virtual events to exclusively negotiated benefits with popular brands that members can take advantage of whilst members are still home, and also on-hand to support any future travel, dining and live entertainment plans for when the world reopens, members are sure to make the most of their concierge service this year.

If you are looking to make concierge services part of your customer retention and acquisition strategies, email us to arrange a no-obligation call to see how we can help: .

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