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Inspirational E-Zines: WINE, DINE, COOK & EXPLORE

“At 86, my years of Michelin dining are nearly over, but I shall continue to read cookbooks and menus, as well as trying new recipes from the great chefs of our day. In the meantime, I shall look forward to your next magazine.”

Just in time for the holiday period, we were pleased to launch not one, but four inspirational new e-zines: WINE, DINE, COOK and EXPLORE.  The needs of members and our ability to serve them are at the heart of these publications. 


Wine: it plays an important part in many of our members’ lives. From raising a toast in celebration to collecting fine vintages as an investment, we know that finding the perfect bottle for an honest price can boost a member’s day – and that’s what our service is all about.

WINE, our newest e-zine is, unsurprisingly, devoted to the best of red, white, rose and sparkling drinks. It is aimed at a large universe of members who enjoy wine, from new enthusiasts to experts. 

WINE and DINE: WINE cover page plus Hugo Rose interview cover photo

It highlights our ability to help members in the area of wine from sourcing bottles and discounts to booking travel to experience wineries across the globe in 2021. The first issue features an interview with the wonderfully-monikered Hugo Rose, one of only 409 Masters of Wine in the world, a round-up of wine created by celebrities (including Brad Pitt!) and the guide to buying Bordeaux without breaking the bank.   


In June, we launched the first issue of DINE – our new online magazine packed with insight from across the restaurant industry. In each edition, we interview world-class chefs (including Mauro Colagreco, multi-Michelin starred Jason Atherton, Nobu Matsuhisa and Heston Blumenthal); spotlight some of our members’ favorite restaurants; and feature exclusive recipes. Issues are available in English (GB and US), Spanish and Portuguese, with other languages available based on member demand.

We were delighted to receive positive feedback and a NPS score of +76, plus appreciative reviews from long-term members.

WINE and DINE: DINE magazine cover with Heston Blumenthal, plus the cover page of the Gymkhana recipe

In this month’s issue, we caught up with Heston Blumenthal to discover the inspiration behind his most extravagant dishes and how he changed the face of contemporary cooking. We shine a spotlight on the young chefs to watch out for in 2021 and unearth the multi-Michelin starred Anne-Sophie Pic’s guilty food pleasures. Plus, we share the recipe for member-favorite Gymkhana dish muntjac biryani from creator Karam Sethi, and we meet the innovative chefs pioneering the return of Cape Town’s restaurant industry following one of the world’s strictest lockdowns. 

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In addition to WINE and DINE, we recently launched COOK, a new cookbook/e-zine, produced to help elevate members’ home cooking with some help from world-leading chefs as they are spending more time in the kitchen this year. It’s packed with recipes for budding home cooks from the UK’s top chefs including Heston Blumenthal’s perfectly oozing scotch egg, Gordon Ramsay’s legendary beef wellington and Marcus Wareing’s indulgent custard tart.  

Our final new e-zine, EXPLORE, is a magazine crammed full of inspirational words and pictures to kick-start members’ planning for travel in 2021.  What started out as an email-only product is now a sumptuous new e-zine. The first issue casts members to the frozen expanses of Canada’s Northwest Passage, pinpoints the hidden coves of the Italian Riviera and upgrades any London stay with exclusive benefits at the very best five-star hotels. Plus, there’s all the latest from the mountains from Red Bull freestyle skier, Elias Ambühl

EXPLORE magazine and COOK recipe book covers

All of these publications set a new benchmark in quality of our content produced to our Ten members on behalf of our clients. We are continuously measuring the impact of EXPLORE, COOK, WINE and DINE in terms of member engagement to ensure that they are providing a high-quality experience for members that engages, informs and inspires.

Ten’s service innovation has helped the corporates we support across banking, wealth management and luxury brands to achieve higher engagement, extraordinary service levels, and gratitude and appreciation from their customers, which lead to measurable improvements in their customer engagement targets. If you would like to find out more, please visit this case study. If you would like to discuss how we can help you to engage with your clients, please click below to email us.

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