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How Do People Feel About Dining Out?

As restaurants are in the throes of reopening, albeit at a different pace around the globe, 65% of our surveyed members say they are ready to go out.
Ten Dining

As restaurants are in the throes of reopening, albeit at a different pace around the globe, we asked thousands of our members to tell us if they were looking forward to dining out again and the response was very positive.   

In the UK, where restaurants reopened last weekend, 65% of members who completed the survey said they were happy to start dining out as normal. 48% of members said they were likely to eat out to the same frequency or more post lockdown as they were before.  

“No incentive needed, just want to support what has become a very important part of our society, restaurants are not just places that serve food” – Roger 

“A good explanation of what changes/ distancing measures will be in place at the restaurant before booking, so guests are clear on what the arrangements and protocols will be.” – Matthew 

'Open' sign being turned on the door of a cafe

At Ten, we’ve kept in touch with many of our restaurant partners as they implemented changes to how they will serve returning customers. We see several innovative solutions being put in place to ensure the safety for the diners – from limited capacities, menus downloadable via QR codes, cutlery, napkins and condiments brought out with the food to taking temperature checks on the door. 

Historically, we’ve mainly booked our members into top restaurants globally in the central areas of big cities including London, New York or Tokyo.  We’re now also seeing our members wanting to support their local communities and restaurants in their area. 66% of members said they were not likely to travel to a restaurant in the evening if they were still working from home.   

Across the UK we’ve added more than 200 local restaurant partners who have committed to offering a thank you at some point down the line to those members who come and dine in the opening weeks. Using our digital platform’s “near me” feature, members can search, discover and book tables themselves if they happen to be in an unfamiliar location.  

There is no denying that the restaurant industry worldwide has been severely impacted from COVID-19. At Ten, we are working to connect restaurants with diners and it’s great to see that our members are responding to this “change for good” initiative.  With recent announcements from the Government around VAT reduction and the “Eat Out To Help Out” campaign, it appears our members aren’t the only ones who realise how vital it is to dine out and get the economy moving. 

Chef serving food on a plate in the kitchen of a restaurant

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