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Ten Launch The Employability Accelerator

Today's young people are the most educated generation to date, but the job market has never been more competitive.
Ten Employability Accelerator

 Top employers and fast-growing businesses want specific skills, experience and attitudes that aren’t taught in schools and universities while recent global events see today’s students confronted with the most challenging graduate job market in history. To help your child thrive in this difficult market, we’ve created the Employability Accelerator Programme with the market leaders in ICF-accredited Employability Coaching and Learning and Development. 
The intensive two-week programme includes:  

  • Real-world project experience at Ten Group, a dynamic modern business you can trust 
  • A 12+ hour professional coaching course designed by the youngest ICF-accredited Master Coach in the UK and delivered by the coaching team at Resurgo
  • Access to a specially curated online learning library, powered by Learn Amp, available during and for two months after the programme 

Resurgo specialise in coaching, managing, impact, leveraging local expertise and scaling up. They work with businesses, charities and individuals to cultivate change. Passionate about unlocking potential, Resurgo see that everyone they come into contact with, are empowered to play their unique part in transforming society for the better. Resurgo have previously worked with companies such as John Lewis, M&S and HSBC Life UK.

Learn Amp is the technology product that distils the wisdom, the lessons and the solutions of amazing businesses into a software platform that combines in one place what really matters: learning, engagement and performance management that employers most value.

Employability Accelerator - a group of women laughing

This programme is designed as a real investment in young people’s future. It will accelerate their employability, and the investment could effectively pay for itself through better job placement. See our post on work experience in the summer of 2020 for more information about why the Employability Accelerator is a worthwhile investment.

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